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Orishirishi Cookbook

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Bogobiri 18

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This cookbook provides insight into Nigerian food and its abundant history for people all over the world. From the delicious assorted native soup of the South-South region to the distinct taste of afang soup by the Efik-Ibibios or the unmatched textures and flavours of gbegiri and ewedu from the South West, this is a celebration of premium culinary experiences from around Nigeria.

Here, I share important stories about our culture, not just with words, but with images to guide you through each process from sourcing ingredients to serving the finished meal.

11 reviews for Orishirishi Cookbook

  1. Sandra

    I am so happy to have found a Nigerian cookbook that I can totally relate with! I have learnt how to cook foods that I already knew how to in a fresh new way! The recipes are so easy to follow and turn out delicious!
    There aren’t so many Nigerian cook books out there, so this is so exciting! Love it!!

  2. Abi Akerele

    Excellent cookbook of exceptional quality.
    A real treat for foodie lovers.
    Would highly recommend.

  3. Jane

    Very well curated recipes! Yummy food and lovely photography. Such a great addition to my cookbooks collection, i also gave some copies as gifts during the holidays and it was a winner. Well done Tola!

  4. Andy

    Lovely!! Very good finishing right from the cover. This is one book you can judge by its cover. Lol. I intend to take this to my kids when next I travel and watch them use the rich content and make sumptuous naija meals for me and wifey. Good one. Can’t wait. Lol


    A stunning cookbook that everyone should get. The content, the photographs and all the details Tola has put so much love into it, that it makes it so easy for us to read and use in the kitchen to prepare delicious meals.

    Not surprising Orishirishi was sold out as soon as it came out, this cookbook is a real treat!!

  6. Ayo A

    A really beautiful and well designed cookbook with a wide variety of thoughtfully selected recipes and a nice touch of history! I love it and it’s been the perfect gift for friend and family!

  7. Samo

    I was drawn to Orishirishi the moment I saw it. The layout is fun, the writing personable and the photographs are mouthwatering. The recipes are quick and easy and worth the time. The book is structured so that you can create entire meals, from the main course, to the sides, and even down to the drinks. For those of us who do not always pair the side with the main course correctly, you can’t go wrong in this book

  8. Titi Ogufere

    I absolutely love the book!!!

  9. ‘Lara Kayode

    I absolutely love this book.
    Summary : Recipes, Tips & Proverbs! I love love love this Cookbook!
    You open it and it leads you into the world of the Bogobiri kitchen, where Orishirishi is Cooked up!
    The pictures are so realistic and did make my mouth water..
    In addition to the detailed recipes for food and drink, Tola kindly provided tips and techniques for cooking , cleaning as well. So wherever you are in the world there is no excuse not to get on with cooking your favourite meal from the book.
    The African Proverbs made me smile as I can just imagine m’y grandma and mum saying many of them. .
    Thank you Tola for taking time out to write this cookbook, you have removed the mystery from the preparation necessary for some of the dishes we all enjoy eating but have always felt that it was a bit of a hassle to cook.
    Variety is indeed the spice of life and The Orishirishi cookbook has not disappointed…..

  10. Omon A. M

    This book is a work of art! I almost never cook myself, but I love food and I love this book. It sits beautifully on my coffee table; the photography is excellent and the food looks so vibrant and mouth watering. It would make a great gift for any lover of food, cooking, art, photography, travel and all things beautiful.

  11. Nora Azubuike

    This book reminds me of the saying that charity begins at home. Traveling to a different city every year and experiencing it’s people and foods, I didn’t give much thought to my homeland meals. Well done Tola for using this book to remind us of the richness in our diversity.

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